Tree Stump Removal

To remove tree stumps and major roots we have modern stump grinding machines which can remove any size of stump from both residential and commercial premises, including gardens, estates, park lands and golf courses.
  • Fully  NPTC Qualified Operators
  • Fully insured
  • Any size of stump – tree or shrub
  • Trees do not grow again after grinding
  • Competitive prices and prompt service

Stumpgrinding explained

How are the stumps removed and what happens to the debris?
We use a stump grinding machine which basically chews up the tree or shrub stump leaving just a pile of woodchip material which is left on site and can be re-used as mulch in your garden.

Tree Grinding

How much does it cost?
In most cases the cost is based on the size of the stump measured from the widest point at ground level.  A per foot cost is applied or for more than one stump we offer a half or full day rate depending on what is cheaper.  For very small jobs there is a minimum charge depending on where you live.  If there are any particular requirements, i.e removal of woodchip mulch - and if there are any difficult aspects to the job there maybe a supplement added.  All costs will however be outlined and agreed prior to any works being carried out.  Please enquire for our most up to date rates.  Mobile: 07827 911937 (Brett).   Or 07929 464763  /  01505 874342 (Andrew)

How far do we go down?
We grind down to approximately 8 inches below ground level unless it is impractical or dangerous to do so.  We take health and safety seriously and always carry out a risk assessment before each job.

Do we remove all the roots too?
No, we don’t remove all the underground roots but we can remove any of the main surface roots.

Can we reinstate the ground?
Yes, we can provide a quote to reinstate the ground to whatever condition you require after the stump has been removed.

What access do we require?
Due to the range of our machinery we can access almost any stump.  For stumps greater than 2-3ft in diameter we generally require only a 3ft access to site.  We operate a handheld machine allowing us to access via stairs, through doorways, gates and into confined spaces.

What about underground services that may be affected?
Most services should be below the 8 inches we grind down to and we take every precaution including the use of Cable Avoidance Equipment to ensure safe operation.  As part of our risk assessment we will ask you, the client to inform us of any known underground services.  Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

For Stump Removal you can contact either
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Andrew:  07929 464763

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